Thursday, August 2, 2007

Andaras Mount Shasta From Lady Nellie

In 2002 the Andaras were brought to The Crystal Room from two different sources. At that time Lady Nellie had Mickey Magic and Bob Dinga representing her and the Andaras, distributing them throughout the world. Bob Dinga and Diana were guided that they were to be here at The Crystal Room. They brought several hundred Andaras and left them in our stewardship. They were left by the 3500 lb smokey citrine cluster and moved up to "The Mine" next to an energetic tool that was created for here. They had never been in a field that was not their own. The Andaras hold a group consciousness and, in this universe, work out of the constellation Draconus. Finding themselves surrounded by thousands of crystals and minerals, they were amping to hold their group consciousness. From the first hours they were here people were being drawn into The Crystal Room and dousing for them. (I should explain that the crystals and minerals get to chose how they are used here. We ask "highest use, highest good" for the crystals and the individual. When a crystal or mineral chooses you as its resonance, it is choosing you as its frequency match. We douse to find the location of the crystal or mineral.) While I was dousing which Andara was choosing the individual to whom it had "said yes", my whole abdomen area was like vegetables in a food processor. The Andaras got here Thursday. By Saturday I was dousing if they were supposed to be here. I was supposed to be holding this field and it was holding me. We got a Yes, they were supposed to be here. So I said, "Okay, but we have to do something about the amping, because this is way too intense." We welcomed them properly, explained that they would be able to choose how they are used and found a location in "The Mine" where they were happy. And they settled down. At that time Nancy Crystal and I were working with my body on a weekly basis. On Tuesday it took her three and a half hours to reposition all of my organs and my intestines. Everything had shifted. The Andaras definitely had my attention and gained my serious respect.
Within the next week Sherill Cox brought the Andaras, acting as an emissary for Mickey and Gabriella, to The Crystal Room. Because they are a group consciousness we didn't have to repeat their introduction. For several years we honored both connections, stewarding them for Nellie, Bob and Mickey. When Bob and Diana's life path led them to work with John of God in Brazil full time, Lady Nellie asked us to take over their role in distributing them throughout the world.
Lady Nellie was told that she would find the Andaras on her land. She knew her land well and said she hadn't seen them. There was a landslide and they were discovered. And then there was another land slide and they were covered. Since then there have been two other times when they have been found through landslides. Always when it was believed there were no more. Almost all of the last group that emerged Lady Nellie gave us to steward. There are literally thousands ranging from very small to over 60 pounds.
The Andaras are a consciousness that graciously agrees to work with us as we move out of the relationship with time and the physical as we have known it. They were created in a Null Zone created by two dimensions colliding. They do not have our rules. They exhibit the properties of a mono-atomic element. They do not test as glass or volcanic material. You can access anywhere in this universe and you will encounter the physical rules of this universe. The Andaras have no rules, with access to all potential. They are the field of your intention. If your field is chaotic, they will manifest chaos. If it is chaotic long enough, they will disappear. They have no desire to participate with us on that energetic level. Each of our jobs is to hold and integrate each of our individual aspects of Source Consciousness. As we approach and accept the response- ability to embody our co-creative co-partnership with All That Is, the Andaras are cutting edge tools in that participation. All That Is and the Andaras are incredibly generous in allowing us to access this level of consciousness as we learn our co-creative manifesting capabilities.